Lucite Jewelry

 Lucite Butterfly
A unique rare lucite butterfly currently on Ebay

Lucite is a form of acrylic resin. It appeared in many colors and styles of jewelry during the 1940s and 1950s. It comes in many hues in both transparent and solid forms. Lucite can be carved and polished, and it is easy to wear.

How Can You Tell if it is Plastic or Lucite?

Lucite is heavier. Lucite is another type of plastic; that is, acrylic. Plastic is a synthetic, or semi-synthetic polymer. Lucite is much more dense. 

According to some experts sometimes Lucite is confused with other types of vintage plastic. To find out if the plastic is in fact Lucite, a simple test is required. Take the piece of jewelry believed to be Lucite, and dip it into hot, but not boiling, water. Continue to hold the piece of jewelry in the hot water for 30 seconds. Remove the piece of jewelry from the water and smell it. If it is Lucite, it will have no discernable scent. Other vintage plastics have a distinct odor: Bakelite will smell highly acidic. Celluloid, another early variation of plastic, will smell like vinegar.
 What has been your experiance?