Juliana Jewelry D&E Necklace

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So here is a Juliana necklace. When I saw the listing for this necklace on Ebay (Click on Picture) it said D&E. So why add this piece of information I wondered. I saw an exciting post by My Classic Jewelry that explained so much with great clear and simple pictures.  (D&E stands for the names of the designers DeLizza & Elster.)

So, it appears that the two designers, decided in 1967 to design his own line of Jewelry.  They did not put markings on the jewelry (as was done with other pieces they designed for top names like Hobe and others,  but simply placed a hangtag on their Juliana pieces.

Back of Juliana Necklace
 After reading and viewing the exciting pictures on My Classic Jewelry see if can spot some of the identifiers on the back and front of this necklace.

I will list more sites in  the next post.