Got Gold Jewelry You Want to Buy or Sell? Tips for Calculating Price

So you are thinking about either investing in gold jewelry or selling your current holdings. There are so many questions like, "How much is it worth"? "What is the Jewelers markup?" "Where can I sell it?" "What is a gram in 14k vs 24 or 18k worth?"
You are not alone and so in my research I thought I would share some of my findings.

I found a great article on a Jewelers site that focuses on the the markup and calculations they do when selling their pieces. Click on this link that gives a clear explanation of how most jewelers calculate their selling prices.. 

There are several online calculators for gold. The important thing is that the price of gold changes daily.
If you go to goldcal you can plug in the purity of the gold, weight and it will automatically calculate in based on today's prices.

But if you are not near a computer or your phone loses juice you can always use paper and pencil. But be sure you have a scale that measures your gold in grams. A kitchen scale won't do. I  love this clear explanation I found in this article. Please grab a cup of coffee and tea and read it.  A Guide for Pricing Gold Jewelry.
Hope this helps.